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Lorcana - Into the Inklands Amber and Emerald Starter Deck

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Each Disney Lorcana TCG Starter deck includes everything a player needs to start playing against another player who has their own deck. Through these prebuilt decks, players get a taste of the rich story and varied characters in the realm of Lorcana.

This deck features loyal and empathic Amber characters, who focus on supporting their teammates, combined with the adaptable and deceptive nature of Emerald characters, who use their quick wits to surprise opponents. Perfect for players wanting to play strong characters and hold the advantage throughout the game.

Each starter deck includes:
• (1) Prebuilt deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards
• (11) Damage counters
• (1) Paper playmat
• (1) Paper tracker token
• (1) Quick-Start rules sheet
• (1) Bonus booster pack of 12 randomized cards