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Game Heroes

Our Game Hero program is for those players who give up their time to run games in our store.

What does it mean to be a Game Hero?

  • You will play a game you love alongside other people who love the game.
  • You will act as an authority for your chosen game. That means knowing the game well and passing that knowledge on to less experienced players.
  • You will be representing the store with enthusiasm, demonstrating the rules of our play area, communicating and giving feedback to staff and making new players feel welcome.
  • You get to play for free - no gaming fees.

You don't need to be an expert. You only need to be an Enthusiast.

We appreciate that you will be able to answer questions for new and inexperienced players. This does not mean you need to know everything or be more skilled than every other player at your events.

We would prefer to have a friendly enthusiastic player with a moderate amount of experience than a grumpy know-it-all. 

Perks of Being a Game Hero

Free Play

Our Game Heroes can play for free in any of our casual events or walk-in play. This includes weekly play events, learn-to-play events etc.

For Non-Casual-Play and Tournaments you may need to buy entry if you intend to partake of the available prizes. If you are running the event as the Game Hero obviously you would not have to purchase entry.

Please check with the Event organizers if you are not sure.

Store Credit

Without our Game Heroes some of our events would not happen. For this reason we will thank you with store credit for events where we charge entry fees.

Our Appreciation

We know you are giving up your time in our store creating a better experience for the players. We will do what we can to make your events as cool as we can, so please discuss with us any ideas. Our Game Heroes are a lead among our players and that means you are in a unique position to connect community needs with the store's goals.

Thank you for being a Game Hero.

Ready to become a Game Hero?

We are actively seeking Game Heroes for our new store. If you are interested in becoming a Game Hero, please contact us at

Be sure to include which games you would like to run in our store.