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Used Games

Are your old games and puzzles collecting dust on the shelf at home? Do you have games in your collection that you have never opened or that you just don't play anymore?

Selling Used Items - How it works

Selling your old games, puzzles and miniatures is easy. We ask that you complete a condition form and set your price. When it sells, you'll get 75% of that price credited to your membership account. Not a member? You can join here.

Step by Step Process

  1. Bring your items into our store. You can have up to 5 items for sale at any time.
  2. Our team will generate a Sellers Condition Statement with your member number.
  3. You complete the Sellers Condition Statement detailing the condition of your item and set the asking price.
  4. Our team will use your condition statement to process your item, shrink wrap it with a copy of the information and add it to our used games shelf. You will receive an email notification when this is complete.
  5. Your game is now ready to be purchased.
  6. When your item is purchased, you will receive a notification. Your member account is not yet credited as the buyer has a few days to return it.
    • When a buyer purchases a used item they have a period of time to return it. This gives them a chance to open it up, inspect it and make sure the condition is as described.
    • If your item is returned you will receive an email notification. Our team will contact you to see what you wish to do next.
  7. After the buyer's return period has passed, you will receive an email notification that your member account has been credited for 75% of the price you set. You can use this for any future purchase at Arkhaven Games & Hobbies.
    • You cannot withdraw this credit for cash. It may only be used for purchases.


  • An item will be given at least 60 days to sell. After that period of time, Arkhaven Games & Hobbies may ask the member to take the item back. If the member does not take the item back within 60 additional days, it then becomes the property of Arkhaven Games & Hobbies. An unsold item may not be submitted for sale again for at least 60 days.
  • Arkhaven Games & Hobbies reserves the right to refuse any item based on demand, condition, appropriateness or for any other reason.
  • Arkhaven Games & Hobbies reserves the right to revoke a members benefit of selling used items on consignment for any reason.

Buying Used Items - How it works

When purchasing used items from our store is like purchasing new items with two differences to be aware of:

  • Discounts - There are no discounts allowed on used items. No member discounts, employee discounts. The seller sets the price.
  • Returns - If the buyer of a used item finds that the condition does not measure up to the condition stated by the seller then (and only then) the buyer may return the item for a full refund. The buyer has three days to make the return and they must bring the condition report and receipt to the store to make a return.

We recommend that you check the contents of a used item before leaving the store. This could save you a return trip as you can return right then and there.