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Tamiya 1:24 Mazda RX-7 R1

by Tamiya
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The Mazda Motor Company of Japan is known throughout the world for their technologhical success in using rotary engines, for both their racing and production cars. The first RX-7 sports car established worldwide fame as the "rotary rocket, following its introduction in 1978. This popular car underwent anohter styling change in October 1991, and Mazda hopes this 3rd generation RX-7 will become the fastest mass-produced sports car eaver, and with unmatched acceleration. To achieve this, weight reduction was set as a major goal during its design. Overall length and height were reduced, and even the glass areas became smaller when compared to the previous model. The body shell uses a light and rigid, space/monocoque frame construction. The muscular styling has an excellent drag coefficient of 0.30. Under its curvy hood lies a twin-rotor, type 13-B REW rotary engine with intercooler and sequential twin turbochargers. This 255 horse power engine is mounted jsut behind the front axle, which is termed a forward-midship format, and provides an ideal weight distribution of 50:50 between the front and rear wheels. Suspension is four wheel double wishbone, supported by forged aluminum arms, with incorporated stabilizing toecontrol. Mazda has once again succeeded in blending automotive technology into a beautifully styled RX-7 sports car.