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Small Islands

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Small Islands is a tile-placement game in which you are daring explorers discovering a magnificent archipelago. Its islands are brimming with natural resources but also temples from an ancient and mysterious civilization. Brave adventurers, bring back to your clan wealth & prestige!

A game is played in maximum 4 Rounds. At the beginning of each Round, each player secretly picks an Objective Card out of three cards. And in turn, players draw and place a Landscape Tile out of the 5 available (2 in hand, and 3 on the table). At a certain point, another option becomes available: placing a Ship Tile. When this tile is placed, in turn, all players place Houses on the islands and earn Prestige Points according to their Objective. Then players start a new Round. When the game ends, players receive additional points for their Ship Tiles.

In Advanced Mode, Objectives are split in 2 types of cards which allows you to create your own objectives amongst many combinations.

There is also a Solo Mode, innovative for its mechanics as well as for the very concept of a solo mode in a tile-placement game. We gave it an AI with a personality and different behaviors.

Small Islands offers you even more surprises, hidden at its heart.
  • 1-4 Players
  • 30 Min Play Time
  • Ages 8+
Game Contents:
  • 56 Landscape tiles
  • 4 two-sided Starting tiles (with seagulls)
  • 1 Navigation tile
  • 4 Ship tiles (colored on one side, grey on the other)
  • 32 Clan Houses (8 per player)
  • 16 Bonus tokens (4 per player)
  • 12 Discovery tokens
  • 45 Prestige tokens
  • 12 Objective cards (normal mode)
  • 12 Mission cards and 12 Reward cards (advanced mode)
  • 3 Alexis cards and 15 Expedition cards (solo mode)