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Can you respond quickly and do you have a clear memory? In this card game of PandaMonium, you will test your two abilities as above. By imitating Panda Orchestra members to slap the table, stand up, clap and other actions, try to keep up with their rhythm, but if you do wrong, you must The cards are all recovered, and the first player to run out of hands is the music master.

Got quick reflexes and a good memory? Test your skills in this fast action card game of musical mayhem. Try to keep up with members of the Panda Philharmonic Orchestra by mimicking their motions - slap the table, stand up, clap your hands... But make a wrong move and you collect the whole orchestra! Whoever gets rid of their cards first wins! Contents: 66 PandaMonium Cards.

Players: 2 to 6

Playing time: 20 min

Age: 6+