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Infinity: PanOceania: Military Orders Action Pack

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The Military Orders, religious groups of military character, were a phenomenon of the Middle Ages that, surprisingly, has resurfaced in the Human Sphere with a force comparable to that of its heyday. Bringing additional combat strength to the army of PanOceania and subject to PanOceanian High Command, they have some freedom of action and distinguish themselves by their assault tactics that recall those of earlier bloodier times.

This elite force, led by the charismatic Joan of Arc, is the ace in the sleeve of PanOceania. An overwhelming force of intrepid knights, driven by their religious fervor and willing to go hand to-hand with the enemy. The Military Orders completely break the standard combat doctrines of the PanOceanian Military Apparatus, an unexpected and fearsome trick.

Relentless like no other, they are the biggest strike force PanOceania has against the Combined Army. 


  • 2x Coadjutor Crosiers (Combi Rifle)
  • Coadjutor Crosiers (Multiespectral Visor L2, Spitfire) 
  • PanOceanian Black Friars (RL)
  • Knight Commander (Combi Rifle)
  • Knight of Justice (Spitfire)
  • Knight of Santiago (Hacker)
  • Knight of the Holy Sepulchre (AP HMG) (Silhouette 5)
  • Infirmarer (Boarding Shotgun)