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GraviTrax Expansion Lifter

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GraviTrax Expansion Set: The Lifter - Extension set for the GraviTrax interactive ball track system. The lifter expansion set takes your marble run experience to a whole new level with over 25 additional elements. Once the marble reaches the bottom, raise it up to 2 levels higher using the lifter accessory: a button-operated elevator. Experiment with additional tracks, height tiles, and one transparent level. Combine with the GraviTrax starter set and test your skills to see how long you can keep the marbles rolling.

GraviTrax lifter comes with 27 pieces, including 1 lifter action tile, 7 silver marbles, 1 transparent level, 8 large height tiles, 4 small height tiles, 1 large track, 2 medium tracks, 3 small tracks. Detailed instructions so that you can start building and playing within minutes.

The ideal expansion set for curious kids aged 8 and up looking to expand their starter set. The lift carries your balls back to the top with the push of a button.

Innovative – GraviTrax is a modular, electronic-free interactive track system where you can design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your ball to the finish. Develops critical skills – playing and building with GraviTrax develops spatial reasoning and planning skills, and provides a great stealth learning experience for STEM.