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FireFight: 2-Player Set

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Firefight is a squad-based, sci-fi wargame set in the distant future. However, this isn't a dark, dystopian future where everyone is always fighting for their lives. This is a future where capitalism has run rampant and humanity's grip on the galaxy continues to squeeze ever tighter.

Giant corporations, collected together under the umbrella of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (GCPS), grow rich on exploiting the natural resources of planets spread throughout the galaxy. In order to do this, they recruit sprawling armies to defend their assets. . .and wipe out the local population, should they become hostile.

And they do become hostile! Humanity's inexorable journey across the stars has brought them into conflict with numerous alien races. Some - like the stoic Forge Fathers or aloof Asterians - can be bargained with, while others - such as the ravenous Plague or insidious Veer-myn - only understand violence.

These conflicts are represented in Firefight through epic skirmishes on the tabletop. Typically a game will feature around 40-60 miniatures, with a mix of infantry, airships soaring through the sky and tanks trundling across the battlefield.

Plastic components.


71 Miniatures
  ‣ 40 Marauder Commandos/Brawlers
  ‣ 4 Marauder Ripper Suits
  ‣ 20 Enforcers
  ‣ 5 Enforcer Peacekeepers
  ‣ 2 Enforcer Jetbikes
1 Rulebook
1 Force Lists Book
2 Card Counter Sheets
1x Getting Started Guide
16 d8
11 Command Dice
9 MDF Bases (40mm)
62 Round Plastic Bases (25mm)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.