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Conquest - Dweghom Ardent Kerawegh

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As a faction based on freedom, the Ardent struggle with leadership and organization. They are organized around authoritative individual figures who are elected by their peers and subordinates. Few rules exist amongst the Ardent, but one thing is clear: to lead amongst the Ardent, one must have undergone the Dheukorro, the Descent, and fully embrace it as a way of life.

Exemplars of the Ardent creed, the Kerawegh go farther and deeper than any living Dweghom in the Dheukorro: they reach the gates of War’s Primordial prison. Refusing its call, the Kerawegh find in their devotion to kin the strength to return to the surface. Acclaimed by their fellow Ardent, the respect they inspire puts them in leadership positions in their anarchic creed. Mighty warriors in their own right, the Kerawegh are a terror on the field for their ability to channel the fervor of their brethren into battlefield miracles. The miracles they invoke are not taught as there is nothing like a church or structured faith amongst the Kerawegh. They're gifts earned at the end of their Descent. The clamor of war they hear throughout the Descent rises to a crescendo the closer they get to War’s prison. Some say these are the sounds of every battle and combat being fought on the surface, echoing in the threshold of War’s demesne. They all agree that some part of their own soul or psyche is moved to respond to these rhythms.

Upon their return, they find themselves so attuned to the din and clamor of battle that they project that dreadful power onto those around them. Their impressive martial prowess is heightened by the song of war, making them an unstoppable force in offense and defense. Allies who heed their call are exhilarated by the cadence, each blow and cry granting them an opening they can exploit, while foes only hear screeches of breaking arms and screams of the fallen, a discordant sound that saps their will to fight.

  • 1 Resin Miniature,
  • 1 x 27mm plastic base,
  • 1 iCard