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by Bandai
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Announced along with the release of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster's Ootori Striker, this marks the fastest a Suit has been translated into an MG in Gundam history!

- Following in the footsteps of the Aile Strike Gundam, the Strike Rogue is remastered (Ver.RM), giving the kit a more streamlined look and wide range of motion. Introduced in the HD Remaster of M.S.G.: SEED Destiny, the Ootori Striker Pack was designed by master mechanical designer Kunio Okawara.
- An Integrated Weapon Striker Pack, the Ootori is full of gimmicks
- Ootori Striker Pack wings expand into a characteristic “X” shape, and tail can be folded.
- Missile Launcher is mounted over the left shoulder.
- Dedicated Stand to help reenact aerial action poses is included.
- IWSP EW454F Ootori Pack is separable from the Strike Rogue, and includes a transformation gimmick to shift into flight mode.
- The MBF-02 Strike Rouge has been equipped with the IWSP (Integrated Weapon Strike Pack) Ootori Striker for maximum offensive output! Designed with an aerodynamic profile, advanced propulsion system and a full arsenal- Railgun, Beam Launcher, Missile Pod and Anti-Ship Sword.

- 57mm High-Energy Beam Rifle
- Anti-Beam Shield
- Armor Schneider x2
- Beam Saber x2
- Ootori Striker Pack
- Dedicated Stand