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Bandai MG 1/100 FREEDOM GUNDAM Ver.2.0

by Bandai
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SKU G0204883
Alight sword - appeared in MG Ver.2.0 that evolved from Freedom Gundam ultimate!

Frame and exterior; both revamped proportions in the new shape. Detail has followed the SEED Ver.RM system.

Designed to achieve a natural movement. Fully reproduce the heroic poses of Freedom Gundam.
- Arms stretch, movable elbow joints. Delicate movement possible.
Thigh armor to the slide mechanism, double joint in the toe.
- Flexible abdomen.

Reproduced the full burst mode, wing portion, and a movable mechanism of the beam gun.

- AMA-M01 Rakeruta-beam saber × 2
- MA-M20 Alps beam rifle
- Laminate anti-beam shield
- Hand grip (left and right)
- Palm (left and right)
- Weapons Possession (grip) (left and right)
- Weapon Possession (gun) (right)
- The pedestal
- The pedestal joint parts