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12 Games of Christmas

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This festive bundle contains 12 fun easy-to-learn and simple-to-play games to get you, your family and friends in the Christmas spirit!


#1 Santa's Sports Day

10 Cards & 8 Cards!
Ever wondered what Santa and his elves get up to after Christmas? Santa's Sports Day of course! Get ready for a series of festive challenges guaranteed to get you elfin' around!

#2 Festive Guesses

52 Cards & 8 Kazoos!
Kazoos and quick wits at the ready! This quick-fire guessing game will have players battling head-to-head in a race to guess the names of famous Christmas Jingles and festive words/phrases.

#3 Panto or Picture

36 Cards
Be it catching snowflakes on your tongue or pulling a Christmas cracker, this festive acting and drawing crowd-pleaser is sure to get the party going and the laughter flowing!

#4 Christmas Pairs

52 Matching Pairs Cards
Race to find matching pairs in this fun family game which is perfect for a cosy and quiet Christmas night.

#5 White Lies

52 Matching Pairs Cards
This game of wits and deceit is a great way to spend a lzy Sunday packed full of silliness

#6 Merry Quizmas!

52 Cards.
How much does the US spend on unwanted presents? Win this dinner party pleaser by guessing these surprising Christmas facts and stats!

#7 It's Snow Joke!

26 Cards.
If you love a corny Christmas joke, then this is for you. Get ready to giggle and groan in one of the only games you'll ever lose by laughing. It's snow joke!

#8 Clutch the Kazoos!

52 Matching Pairs Cards and 8 Kazoos!
This quick-reaction game is hilarious for all ages and easy to learn. The aim is to collect four cards of a kind and grab a kazoo as quick as you can...but prepare for some crazy competition!

#9 Santa's Hat

No components.
This fast paced team guessing game is great for larger groups, fun for kids, teens and adults alike and will have everyone howling with laughter. Get ready for an epic showdown.

#10 Santa's Letters

8 Sheets.
This fast paced creative-thinking game has players naming festive items starting with a specific letter before the time runs out. It's fun for all ages and a great sit-down family game!

#11 Reindeer Hoopla

Reindeer Antlers & Hoops!
Up for some fiercely festive fun!? Land your hoops on Rudolph's antlers in this goofy party game that's great for kids and adults of all ages.

#12 Christmas Characters

No components.
A timeless parlous game, all round fun for all ages, any guesses? With only 'Yes/No' questions, be sure to ask the right ones to figure out who you are! Hint: It will be written all over your face!